RC Vagon Prague – gear list 1/2019
Mixing console:
Soundcraft GB8-32 (5x mon aux, 3x fx aux, 4x2 subgroups with inserted dyn.processing) Multipair cable from stage to console 21 inputs
Power amps:
QSC RMX 1850hd bass QSC RMX 1850hd mid QSC RMX 2450 hi 4x 18‘‘ subs + 4x mid/hi
Main processing:
Rane rpm26 (locked) 1x Klark Teknik One Graphic 2x31 eq master EQ Fills: Lem DX26 + power amps + speakers
5x aux 4x KV2 EX10 active speakers QSC PLX 3602 amp (+1x spare) + passive speakers for drummer 5x Peavey QF131 31 band graphic EQ on each aux output
DI boxes:
3x DI box passive 2x Radial Stage bug passive 2x Behringer di20 dual active
Vocals: 4x Lewitt 550MTP 1x Lewitt 840MTP 3x Shure SM58 Instruments: 1x Lewitt 440MTP 3x Shure SM57 Drums: 1x Lewitt dtp340rex kick 1x AudioTechnica kick 3x Lewitt dtp340tt with holders for toms 2x overhead Lewitt lct 140
3x aux Lexicon mpx 110 hall Lexicon lxp15 hall TC Electronic D-two delay
Dynamic processing: (subgroups inserts)
Dbx 166a (vocal group) 2x Dbx 266xl (guitar group, common group) BBE MaxCom dual compressor (drum group) Alesis 3630 (kick, bass) 4x 15 band graph eq (sidechain)